Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Choosing the Right Mobility Scooter

If the time has come to choose a mobility scooter for a loved one or yourself, you don’t want to go into the process blindly. Whomever the unit is for will become dependent on the machine, so it has to be the right one. The beauty of these scooters is that they give people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to the chance to remain on the go, so choose wisely.

The first thing to consider is the physical condition of the person who will be operating the machine. Those in mobility scooters must be able to sit upright for extended periods and possess strength and dexterity to control the motorized unit. One who has lost strength in one or both hands, or one who must have his or her legs elevated are not good candidates.

Another consideration is the person’s weight. You cannot exceed the weight limitations; this will damage the machine. You must also consider carry on weight. If your rider refuses to go anywhere without her heavy purse orrequires an oxygen tank, this weight must be included in the overall calculation. Determine the maximum weight load you expect the unit to bear.

If your rider will only be riding the scooter indoors, you can opt for a lighter weight traveler with fewer wheels. If the operator will be riding outdoors, you want a heavier scooter with four wheels. Think about what where you will be riding and ensure that you purchase one that is built for that terrain, particularly if you plan to operate it over rough dirt and/or concrete.

Indoor/outdoor use also helps you assess the battery life you’ll need. It won’t do you any good to run out of juice halfway through your errands. Determine how much time you need your motorized rider to remain operable and verify the battery life of the ones you are considering.

Finally, you will need something that fits in your home space when not in operation. You will also need one that can be disassembled if you are planning to take it with you in the car. If you require a larger mobility machine, you’ll likely need a vehicle lift installed in your automobile to transport it. And, of course, the bottom line is finding out which model is covered by your medical insurance.

As you can see, choosing the right mobility scooter is something that requires extensive thought. For help in determining your scooter needs, visit this website to discuss wheelchairs rental in Rockport.

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