Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Easy Ways to Save on Birthday Decorations

A child's birthday is always cause for celebration. Fortunately for parents' pocketbooks, parties don't have to be expensive to be fun. For your kid's next birthday, follow these tips for throwing a great party that doesn't break the bank.

1. Balloons and More Balloons

You can get hundreds of colored balloons for only a few dollars.Blow them up yourself in the few days before the party, or pick up a tank of helium for extra buoyancy. A bunch of balloons can be tied along a length of string to make a garland or floating arch, or taped together to make a bouncy wall.

2. Outside Fun

The backyard can offer a fun spot for games that's conveniently close to home, while keeping down the cost and time of cleanup afterwards.Renting a party tent is an inexpensive way to add festivity.

3. Make Your Own Food

Preparing your own treats is cheaper than catering, and can make for decorations in themselves.Frost cupcakes in bright colors and put themed favors on top, or add food coloring to sugar cookie dough and cut them into fun shapes. Cover a long table with a cheerful wrapping paper runner and arrange the desserts over it.

If you're in need of the right-sized table or other furniture, consider renting instead of buying. See this website for information on rental tables in Corpus Christi and other party supplies, and make your kid's next birthday a stress-free celebration.

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